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Annie Will Always Be Driven

My name is Will. I live in Upstate New York. I love Taylor Swift, Community, and Cougar Town. I have a spiritual connection with cheap wine. I'm told I'm "the entire cast of Cougar Town rolled into one." I'm always good for drunken blogging.
Apr 18 '13

Community analysis:

That was a good episode. I actually enjoyed the callback to the darkest timeline. I was surprised it took them so long. It was a strong episode that I think had a lot of suspense  and it was just a good episode plot-wise. It felt very much like “Community.”

However, some of the other callbacks missed the mark:

  1. The Dean saying he was great at holiday themed parties.
  2. E. Pluribus Anus seemed so random. 
  3. The callback to Annie playing house earlier this season (although maybe that is just because it was probably the worst Annie’s character has ever been.

Unrelated note: This Chang is evil storyline needs to stop now. I actually very much enjoy him as Kevin. 

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